The upcycling takes attention in the fashion sector as a trend that goes beyond the aesthetics of the superficial.

Most of us like to dress following the latest trends every season, but a part of the society is increasingly uncomfortable with the working conditions that the large clothing and accessories chains carry out to launch their collections.

A sense of responsibility towards our planet and towards those who inhabit on it, makes us to think the need for other models of fashion production.

Knowing the enormous consumption of energy that comes with the industrialization of fashion and how impacts directly on nature, enhanced by the use of chemical products such as dyes, which increase the pollution or excessive waste of water, helps us to get an idea of ​​the danger of maintaining this long-term manufacturing system.

What is upcycling and how can I use it to help the planet?

The upcycling was born as a response by the so-called creators of sustainable fashion.

It is a movement that arises as a wake-up call to society through designs based on recycling and the reuse of objects that are endowed with new opportunities for use.

All this leads us to reflect on the impact produced by the logistics implemented since decades by the big fashion chains.

But can a person – individually – take care of the planet?

Of course! and I’ll give you three reasons to convince you that with small gestures you can get great things.

Thanks to movements like the upcycling we can contribute with our little actions and promoting awareness in our environment.


Do you want to know how?

  • Adapting old production models to online sales: returning to the habits of our ancestors, to a production based more on the artisan than on the industrial, is the key to recover the wish of a better future.
  • Recovering disused objects and using them in the creation of bags or accessories for home. Also old garments, with an impeccable re-design, giving them a new life from the hand of sustainable fashion designers.
  • Fostering a market based on the proximity and the exclusivity of their designs. The success of these creations has already been implemented throughout Europe, as a hopeful alternative, before the magnitude and impact that the big brands have established in the market of fashion.


Sustainable fashion as an alternative to mass consumption

The biggest mistake of society is to opt for an attitude of “looking the other way” justifying as collateral damage those processes that -established over time- are a direct attack on our ecosystem.

The fashion sector evolves, constantly reinvents itself, and now, through movements like the upcycling, it helps us to preserve the planet for future generations.

If you want to know more about this movement and my interest in the promotion of sustainable fashion, do not hesitate to leave your query in the comments section of this blog, I will be delighted to help you solve your doubts 🙂

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