Who am I? I am an empowered woman and a mindful consumer. I am feminine, responsible and bold.

I love fashion; it’s that wearable art that expresses my individuality. I am attracted to colours, textures and styling that I see not only on fashion magazines but also at fashion stores.

I appreciate how fashion designers can project beauty, style and quality into a beautiful piece of clothing that I am proud and happy to wear.

I realized that no matter how ordinary my life can be, my purchasing decisions and fashion choices can either make or break my aspirations for a better quality of life, and so are yours.

I desire for trendy and affordable clothing collections but if that would mean exploitation of our natural resources and workforce, then that’s not who I am for.

I am for slow, ethical, and sustainable fashion.

That’s why I try to choose quality, longevity and style over speed. I choose fair trade and fair labor conditions. I choose for ways that are environment-friendly.

In short, I am willing to do my part to encourage the use of better alternatives that meet consumers’ fashion demand without compromising the product itself, our environment and human rights.

And that’s exactly what I am doing now.

I respect artisans and local fashion designers as well as skilled workers and those who follow their passion to make a living.

I admire the capacity to create a new and trendy garment from recycled fabrics.

Hence, I support what they do by becoming mindful of my consumption and advocating for sustainability and ethical practices especially in today’s $3 trillion dollar garment industry.

With my purchasing decisions and fashion choices, I can help preserve their work and acknowledge their existence as opposed to the fate of faceless workers at many garment factories all over the world.

I believe change has to come from within.

With a deeper understanding of what goes behind the making of the clothes I choose to put in my wardrobe, I am on the way of transforming myself into a much better consumer.

No longer will I allow my impulsive behaviour to buy clothes that I don’t need because I have realized that my mindless, frequent, and unnecessary buying has caused more harm than good.

Yes, I also understand the need for profitability and economic growth, which fast fashion has successfully achieved.

But if we neglect to sustain our natural resources, the very source of every good clothing and accessories we all desire to have, then scarcity is all there is for us to pass on to our children and children’s children.

So if recycling is what it takes to promote sustainability and ethical practices, then that I will do. If circular economy is re-inventing consumption towards slow, ethical and sustainable fashion, then there I will be.

There is still much work to be done, and I have just begun to do my part. I am DOS Woman, and I urge you to be a part of me.

As Helen Keller said, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

If you are with me, join me today!

Different, Original & Sustainable Woman


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